San Diego’s Highest Rated Consultant

IMG_1711MY HISTORY (as of February 2018)

I have been a professional computer consultant for 38 years so far, and Apple-exclusive for 33 years.

For over eight years, I was the highest-rated Certified Apple Consultant on Earth, with more five-star referrals on Apple’s Web site than the rest of all of Southern California, combined.

Then, I finally gave up on getting referrals from Apple… They weren’t doing that any more.  Somebody decided that all money should be kept inside the stores.  So, inept Apple “Geniuses” have been doing a terrible job.  You may have noticed.

Unlike them, I come over to work at YOUR place, if wanted. Unlike them, I am hyper-competent.

I now get 100 percent of my referrals from, and I love it!  As of this moment, I have rave reviews from all over San Diego County.  The following map shows every central San Diego zone where I have been recommended by happy customers. I am determined to get many more!

After doing this work for decades, I work fast, and with the goal of satisfying every customer.  My goal is to make you want to write ANOTHER excellent review!


I charge $150 an hour to PERMANENTLY untangle everything on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, WiFi, iCloud, emails, and anything else that is stressing you out.  99% percent of the folks that I help only need two hours, total.  I stand by my work.  I don’t charge for support calls. I put everything in proper order, so that your security, data and understanding are all in BALANCE.


If your Mac has not been backed up, and the folks at the Apple Store want to wipe your computer in order to “fix” it, then I am your best choice.  If I can’t help you, I charge nothing.  If I CAN help you, I charge a flat fee of $200.  Most folks charge thousands of dollars. I’m really good at it, but you WILL need a backup drive.  Ask me for shopping tips.

Murrieta Temecula ildomar Menifee