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Re: Apple iPhoto Question for you

In my desktop iPhoto, I’ve given all my picture files a key photo… but when I sync my devices, the key photo’s don’t show up on my iPad2 or my iPhone 4S.  Do you know of a correction for this?

Here’s the proper method:
– In iPhoto, Create new ALBUM (NOT a “Smart Album”), and call it “something like “Favorites” or “Zoo Pictures”.
– Drag pictures into that new Album.
– Connect your iPhone via cable.
– Open iTunes, and wait for your iPhone to finish syncing.
– Click on the iPhone inside iTunes, and then look at the row of categories long the top of the window, such as “Music”, Movies” etc.
– Click on “Pictures”.
– Choose “Sync Photos”, and then instead of “All”, choose “Selected”
– Put a checkmark next to the albums that you want fed into your iPhone, and then choose “Apply” on the lower right.
That’s it!

Best Printer I Know Of, For Only $219!

This item is a bit of a mania for me – I paid for one of these out of my own pocket, back when they were $299 at Costco, a couple of years back.
I have recommended the HP Deskwriter 8600 to a good hundred or so of my clients, and they have all been thrilled and satisfied with it.
– It prints from your iPhone or iPad, wirelessly, with no additional software or setup. It just WORKS.
– The interface for setting up is ridiculously friendly.  I still can’t say this about every printer out there, and it’s almost 2014!
– It automatically updates itself over the Internet, to become a better printer.
– The ink dries INSTANTLY.  A lawyer client of mine was anxious about using a highlighter.  So, I printed a page, and as it was exiting the printer, I scrubbed back and forth on one part of the text fifteen times with a yellow highlighter, and it did not smear.
– While you’re at Costco, pick up some glossy photo paper. This printer prints photos BEAUTIFULLY.
– It’s half the cost per page, compared to a laser printer. The 950 (black) and 951 (color) replacement cartridges are sold a few feet away from the printers at Costco. Cheap ($99 and below) printers are what I call a “Bear Trap” – You can easily pay seven times the original price of the printer on the ridiculously expensive ink. With this printer, the ink-tanks are big, and last a long time. Very cost-effective.
– For the Mac, it faxes, prints and scans wirelessly. The software is built into the Mac operating system, so you don’t have to install from the CD that comes with it.  It also acts as a copier.
– If you’re using a wireless network, and don’t care about faxing, then you only need one cable for power. It can be anywhere on your property.
–  I’ve never had to clean the heads.  I haven’t heard of anybody else having to.
– It prints by default on BOTH sides of the paper, saving a few trees.
– If you’re using it in an office, you can get an optional tray that fits underneath, allowing you to fill the printer with a couple of reams of paper, and just keep going and going without running out.
If you’re a Mac user, and want to scan, use “Image Capture” (it’s always in your Applications folder) to control the scanning. No more HP-brand software to do that – Apple won’t allow it.
Now that the cost has dropped so much, I can enthusiastically recommend it to anybody who wants a good, long-lasting and satisfying printer.



Check if you’re the victim of a database breach with ‘Have I Been Pwned?’

“Have I Been Pwned makes it easy for you to search for your email address amongst the hundreds of millions of accounts exposed, following breaches at Adobe, Gawker, Yahoo and others.”

This is an excellent site. It just checks to see if you’re one of the millions of folks you hear about in the news, who have been members of a major site (such as a bank, or a social network) that has been hacked.

A lot of my clients have been worried because they have been getting suddenly flooded with spam, and they can’t figure out why, after all this time, the rate has dramatically increased. Most of them have emails that end with AOL.COMYAHOO.COM, and COX.NET, and have had weak passwords for decades.

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