Monthly Archives: April 2014

$400,000 Stolen from my client – Learn from this!

One of my clients had their Gmail identity stolen in the last day or so.  Their entire Cayman Islands savings were ordered to be wired somewhere else in the world, and it is lost now.

The Russian Mafia, the Chinese Mafia, and the Mexican Mafia are on CONSTANT patrol, and have huge computer-labs running 24/7.  If you use the same password for everything, sooner or later, you’re going to get your identity stolen.

My advice?  Use Mavericks 10.9.2, IOS 7 (the newest version) and use the Keychain in the Cloud feature.  It will handle your passwords for you automatically. When you change your password for some website, Safari on your Mac, or on your IOS device, will offer an utterly random password that you WON’T HAVE TO KEEP IN YOUR HEAD.

I advise that you use it.  Time to get serious about security.