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Talking about Yosemite and Trickery

A lot of folks have been asking me about the newest Mac OS X version 10.10, “Yosemite”. As of yesterday, since the 10.10.1 software update came out, I can recommend it more strongly.

Yosemite (and its predecessor, Mavericks) have been s-l-o-w on many Macs. I’ve done everything that I know to overcome the issue, but it has been a hit-and-miss process. Being a perfectionist, this has irritated me. That has been the only issue that has held me back from recommending it enthusiastically.

Now that things are more normalized, I can now recommend that you look seriously at it for your own Mac – Here are Apple’s tips on the newest features:

If you’re running an older operating-system, and want to update it:

– Open your Applications folder.
– Open the App Store application.
– Look for Yosemite. Download and install it. It’s free.

The MAIN reason why I’m recommending either 10.9 or 10.10 is that the security-level is VASTLY higher.

Here’s the problem with that:

Apple has blocked-off the Bad Guys (Russian, Chinese and Mexican Mafia, for starters, and increasingly, software houses in India) from sneaking into your Mac and installing poisonous viruses and the like. So, they have very vigorously gone in a NEW direction… They want to FOOL you. They are using “confidence trickery” to get you to install nasty apps like MacKeeper that claim to “optimize your Mac”, and they have no desire to do you any good. They just want access to your money. They are JUST SLIGHTLY on the side of the line that would cause Apple to stomp on them, and block their apps from running.

If you are tempted to download an application that promises to cure your Mac’s ills, for goodness’ sake, contact ME, and ask me before you hand over your credit-card info. I make a lot of money REMOVING crap like that, from very angry people’s Macs.