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Re: Mobile Phone Service Advice Requested

On Feb 19, 2015, at 5:11 PM, ‘Nash, Gary’ [TipsFromTony] <> wrote:
How many answers have you received so far, Tony? As a Verizon user since they used to call themselves AirTouch Cellular, I can tell you that my service has been rock-solid from the gate. I feel your pain as far as their pricing is concerned, but did you call them and try to cut down your bill before you left them? They are very accommodating when they need to be.

I once had a Sprint phone, and got poor service downtown! I thought that was lame-o, myself. However, my wife and one of my sons has Sprint service, and do not complain of any drop-outs and such. And my son has an iPhone 6 (I have a 6 Plus – I couldn’t let my son have a better phone than I have!).

Anyway, good luck getting out of your Sprint contract.
Here is what happened:
I heard from a lot of great folks, and the consensus was that Verizon really is the system with the best and most dependable connection.
I got in contact with Verizon, and they were THRILLED to have me and Dennis back. We pay less now, and have triple the data allowance, which was another sore spot – I kept getting charged for overages every time that I traveled, because hotels have such horrid WiFi systems that they are unusable.
The folks at the Sprint store pouted and wouldn’t make eye-contact, but I got a full refund, as I was only six days into the 14-day grace period.
My new, unlocked, no-contract, gold, 128gig iPhone 6 Plus phone (I call it “The Plank”) is SUPERB with the new Verizon VOLTE (“Voice Over Long-Term Evolution”) system.  To activate it on an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, go to Settings, Cellular, and turn on “Enable LTE”.
Why?  It’s twice as fast, and you can finally use data and voice simultaneously, like AT&T has had, all along.  My web-pages SNAP onto the screen now, and I can finally start a GPS map route without having to hang-up the phone first.  If your Verizon iPhone doesn’t have that option, complain and get a new, replacement SIM card for free at a Verizon store.
I added four, well-researched accessories to The Plank:
– Apple Silicone Case, Product (Red).  I like the fact that my purchase includes a donation to charity.
– eGrips Anti-Slip Coating for the back of the phone case.  I am a clumsy oaf, and I hate dropping a slippery phone.
– Belkin Car Cup Holder Mount.  I LOVE this.  It attaches FIRMLY to my car’s cupholder, and keeps the phone right where I can keep an eye on the GPS maps.  It takes two hands to put the phone into the holder, but I never have to worry about hitting the brakes, and having the phone fly into the footwell.
– Ballistic Glass Screen Protector – It’s really, really nice.  No down-side at all. Super-thin, attractive, perfectly shaped and touch-sensitive.  I despise plastic screen-covers, which scratch, bubble and age badly.
The whole package is still light, and works the way that I want it to.  No more grumbling!