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Zillions of Watch Bands for Apple Watch

My own Apple Watch will not be arriving for another month, but I have already ordered adapters for it that will allow me to inexpensively swap-out the factory-standard “Milanese Loop” band for any of many thousands of other designs.  Even a real “Speidel Twist-o-Flex” band in silver or gold!  I find myself oddly drawn to the more colorful “Baby Crocodile” bands, and to the Seiko Diver replacement bands…  So many cool choices!

The vast majority of bands are around twenty bucks, but the most-expensive ones on Amazon are still under 200 bucks.  MUCH cheaper than Apple’s items.  I’ll set aside my sleek Apple Milanese loop for swanky situations, and let the other bands take the daily wear-and-tear.

Re: Zillions of Watch Bands for Apple Watch

On Apr 25, 2015, at 10:40 AM, Jo wrote:
Sounds great, Tony. Are you going to send pictures so we can see your new Apple watch and bands?….Jo

HELL, yeah!  I’m not getting them for a month, though.  Rumor is, Apple is intentionally over-stating the wait-time, so that if we get it earlier, we are extra-pleased.  We will just have to wait and see.

At the moment, I’m going bonkers looking at all of the millions of choices.
Here’s my favorite place to look for unique, hand-crafted watch-bands:
These are shipping from Ukraine, Lithuania, Bulgaria Singapore and all over the world.  Why is that good?  Because you can get artisan-quality, handmade leather goods, very inexpensively.
I’m deeply attracted to very carefully-crafted bands that look like they were made by Coach:
Again, these are a FRACTION of the cost of Apple-branded bands, express your own personal style, and can be swapped-out very easily.  All that you need are the adapters that I mentioned earlier: