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My Favorite, Metal Bands for Apple Watch


NOT pleased with Apple’s original band.

I HAD to buy the Apple-brand Milanese Loop watch band with my very early 42mm stainless steel Apple Watch, because everything else was just too damned small for my wrist.
I immediately disliked it, because it would loosen every time I flexed my wrist (the magnet isn’t strong enough). This would cause the Watch to demand my password four or five times a day. That got old.

I now own eighteen NON-Apple watchbands (including Sting Ray, Alligator and Antique Baseball-Glove leather, with actual baseball-style stitching), and I’m quite happy not to pay Apple’s obscene prices. I buy the widely-available, Generation Two adapters on eBay or Amazon, and attach them to the straps, bracelets and bands, found everywhere on the Internet.

If you have the smaller 38mm Apple Watch, you want the “22mm” adapters and watch bands.

If you have the larger 42mm Apple Watch, you want the “24mm” adapters and watch bands.

My Favorite Stainless Steel Watch Band (at the moment)

My favorite? Save $450 by not getting Apple’s stainless-steel bracelet (and don’t buy the newly-announced extenders that Apple recently offered). Sure, you can adjust the length of Apple’s bracelet without using tools. HOW MANY TIMES WILL YOU DO THIS? Instead, buy one of these glorious bracelets, made from 316L stainless steel. As soon as I bought mine and attached it, I was smitten.Blocko316L1

Here’s a tip: If you get a black, PVD-coated stainless steel bracelet, make SURE that you get a black adapter to match at the link above. It looks GREAT with the black screen on the silvery, stainless Watch.

I watched a video on Youtube that told me how to shorten the band myself by popping out pins, and soon had an EXACT match for the size of my wrist.  Or, you can just bring it to any jeweler’s and have them adjust it for you, while you wait.

The Shark Mesh Watch Band

UnknownThis one is currently my favorite watch band. I tell folks “You know how Wonder Woman’s wristlets deflect bullets?  MY watch band can deflect any oncoming shark attacks!”

It’s made of the same mesh that shark-repelling diver suits are made of. It costs $26.99 as of October 2015, and I LOVE it.

Silver Version.

Black Version.


The only drawback?  You will have to drop it off at your jeweler’s to have some segments removed, so that it will fit your wrist. They have to be CUT off, using a tiny cutting-disk. I did it myself, but it wasn’t fun.

Additional info:  I have rather hairy wrists, as you can see.  I have NEVER had any style of watch-band listed here snag and yank the hairs during wear.  Those darned Speidel Twist-O-Flex watch bands from the 1960’s and later have a lot to answer for!



The Rice-Grain Watch Band

I got mine here.  It’s not as super-high-quality as the previous watch bands (what do you expect for thirty bucks?), but it’s a pleasant alternative. I do NOT recommend adjusting the number of links yourself.  It tends to bend too easily at the ends during the process.  I regret having done it myself.RiceGrain2

The Perfect Apple Watch Night Stand, And I Built It!

I MADE the best-possible charging stand for my Apple Watch, since nobody seemed to get it exactly right for my needs:

First, I bought the small, inexpensive ($10.99) Spigen S350 Watch Stand.  It provides a VERY nice Night Stand Mode, AND it works with my extra-heavy, non-Apple-brand 316L stainless-steel watch bands… Unlike the vast majority of the poorly-designed watch stands listed here, and elsewhere.

My only complaint at that point?  It’s too light, and I refuse to use adhesive to stick it to the night stand next to my bed. So…

Next, I went onto eBay and searched for
I found a zillion of them, and ordered one that appealed to me.  As soon as it arrived, I pried the cheap metal insignia off of the top, and glued the Spigen stand onto it.  PERFECTION.
No, it’s not as graceful as other designs, but it works best of all, in my opinion.

Need a Great, Local Macintosh Consultant?

Ever since OS X 10.10 (“Yosemite”) came out, a large proportion of my income has come from supporting people, live, over the Internet.  I have the ability to “take over” your screen, after receiving your permission.  I fix a LOT of people’s problems this way!

So, here’s how it works:

You sit in front of your Mac, and I sit in front of mine.  We both have Yosemite (or the newer OS X 10.11 “El Capitan”) installed.  You open up the built-in application called Messages inside your Application folder, and tell me what your Apple ID email address is.  On my end, I create a new conversation with you, also using Messages.

I send you a brief “Howdy” message, to make sure that we are connected.  Once we are, then I look at the far upper right of the Messages window, to find the word “Details”.  I see an icon of two overlapping rectangles, and click on it.AskToShareScreen

I choose “Ask To Share Screen”, and you see a small window pop up on your end, asking if you Decline or Accept.  After you “Accept”, there is one more task to do:

If we left it alone at this point, I’d be able to WATCH you do things, but I would be powerless to make changes.  I do have one, minor ability, which is to click the mouse on something on your end, which will cause a brief magnifier effect, to catch your attention.  That’s it.

AllowTonyOr, you can hand me the keys to your Mac for this session, by clicking the two blinking, blue, over-lapping rectangles in your menu bar, and choosing “Allow Tony to Control My Screen”.  At that point, I can start eradicating issues, speeding things up and making your life much, much better!

It’s easy for me to keep track of the time spent helping you, because I have a record of our phone-conversation on my iPhone.  I can stay here in San Diego, and I can help my clients who have moved to other states (or countries!)

Nice Ad Blockers for iPhones & iPads & Macs


I’m quite pleased with Crystal, which only works if you have updated your iPhone or iPad to IOS9, and costs 99 cents.  I find myself to be astonished at how slow my web-browsing has been.  It turns out, a lot of sites are CONSTANTLY mucking about with hundreds of interactions (trying to hook your eyes to advertising, whether you want to, or not).  This happens constantly, in the background, out of your sight, and eating-up expensive bandwidth

“…after testing Crystal against 10 popular websites, Murphy found that pages loaded 3.9x faster on average, and used 53 percent less data”.
So far, I’m pretty happy with it.  It’s much, much more user-friendly than many of the highly-nerdly alternatives.

Glimmer BlockerI’m still evaluating the free Glimmer Blocker for my Mac.  So far, no complaints. In fact, I am quite pleased. I ordered some sexy-sexy underwear back in May, and I used to get constantly bombarded with video ads, trying to sell me more.  They never show up at all, now.  I used to browse a site that had striding, animated and scantily-clad women bouncing up and down at the side of every page, trying to catch my eye.  Blessed empty space, now.  No more pop-up pages that I didn’t ask for, and no tracking of my Amazon purchases chasing me all over the Web.
Blessed peace.  Ahhhhh.