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Re: Speed Fix tool ?

This “Speed fix tool” sounds good, but is it for us?

It’s baloney.
Start it up, click on “Demo”.  It’s fully functional, and free.
Click on Cache Cleaning, and then do a deep cleaning of all caches.
When it says “Restart”, click “Cancel”.
Click on Maintenance, click on “All”, and then run.
When it is done, restart.
99% of the time, it is fixed.  All zippy again.

There’s a New Apple ID Phishing Scam, But You Don’t Have to Fall For It

From The Mac Observer:

There’s a New Apple ID Phishing Scam, But You Don’t Have to Fall For It

I have to deal with issues like this, several times a week.  My clients are too darned sweet and trusting!  If you get a scary message on your screen, CALL me, before giving scoundrels money to “fix” “issues” that don’t exist!

For example:  One client had a scary message that wouldn’t go away from Safari:

BeverleyI received a message on my computer saying my firewall was off. This company supposedly authorized by Apple Isupport had me give them access to my computer. Stupidly I did. Have shut computer down for now but don’t know what to do. Are they for real or did I just fall for a scam? If so, what do I do now?

Cancelled the card. Did not call you because it was late and Sunday. Thought I was being resourceful but had a funny feeling. Sorry.

In this case, the client dodged a bullet, because upon close inspection afterward, I found NO bad software installed.  They just invoiced her a mere $199 for doing NOTHING, except getting rid of Safari’s error message, that THEY created.


You can do it yourself for free:

Pull down the Apple Menu, and choose “Force Quit…”

Quit from Safari, and then close the little window.

Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, and click on Safari to start it up.

That’s it!  Problem solved.