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Clever Laptop Accessory, Coming Soon For $20

I see an awful lot of zany product ideas in my daily online research.  This one stands out.  It also makes me wonder why Apple never thought of it…
It’s a piece of plastic that allows your charger (for ANY Apple laptop) to lay flat behind your couch, or next to your chair, without protruding so much. Being a Proud Oafish American, I have broken several such power-bricks in my life, by pivoting in a swivel chair, without paying attention.

Blockhead – Turn your charger so it fits in more places

I’ve been saying this for years…

Every time I catch anybody enthusiastically swiping through their iPhone apps to close them out, in the hope that this will help them somehow, I tell them to cut it out.
The ONLY time that I force-quit an app is if it is actively malfunctioning.  This is because it is assumed that iPhones are programmed in the same way as an Android phone.  No, they are not.

Apple officially says nay to THAT popular iPhone myth.