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Don’t Be Fooled!

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.08.51 AMI’m seeing a lot of my clients needing to have adware removed from their Macs these days. They are being fooled by big, eye-catching graphics on a web-page, saying “You need to upgrade your Flash Player”. DON’T BE FOOLED. The real agenda for those “alerts” is to trick you into clicking on the button, and getting the process started.

Sure, your Flash Player will be updated, but you will ALSO get some nasty, additional features that you never wanted:

– Constant, annoying ads
– that horrid MacKeeper starts yelling at you to pay for it, and
– your web-browser brings you to Yahoo’s search page, instead of Google.

I’ve gotten pretty savvy at rooting-out such things, and yes, it is a (tiny) source of income, but I would honestly prefer that people avoid it in the following way:

First, upgrade your Mac to El Capitan 10.11.5. That’s the version that roots out adware, every time that you restart.

If you MUST upgrade your Flash Player, there is only ONE safe place to do it: Pull down the Apple Menu, go to System Preferences. Click on Flash Player in the bottom row, then on “Upgrade” in the top row. Click on “Allow Adobe to install updates”, and click on “Check Now”. If it says “Update Available”, click “Yes”.

This should bring you to your web-browser (preferably Safari), and a big, yellow button saying “Update Now”.  Click it!

HOWEVER, this next part is what baffles people, so let me clarify. The Adobe Updater has been downloaded, and it is in your Downloads folder. Many folks get lost at this point, and will repeatedly download the same file a dozen times, hoping for a different result.

In Safari, look on the upper right side of the window, and look for a square with a downward-pointing arrow. Click that. You will see your AdobeFlashPlayer file at the top of the list. Click the magnifying-glass next to it, and TA-DAA! – There’s your file – double-click it and complete the install.

As long as you are being wary, DON’T trust any downloadable program unless it is directly downloaded from the Web site that it originates from.  Don’t download something randomly off of the internet, and then install it unless you really know what you are getting.  Beware of MacUpdate and other “free software” sites.  They are major offenders.

Instead, pull down your Apple menu, open up the App Store, and search THAT for what you want.  You will be protected from the random bad guys on the Internet..