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Apple’s Version of Life Alert

If you already have an Apple iPhone, and you are getting older (as are we all), this new feature built into the Apple Watch is a mighty helpful addition.
If you have an Apple Watch running the newest operating system, you can hold down the side button until it offers you a choice to declare an emergency.  If you do, then it will contact 911 and the loved ones that you have added beforehand, telling them your exact location.
So, instead of paying for a monthly service, an Apple Watch can stand in for one of those single-use devices you keep on your wrist, or hanging around your neck.  AND, it’s a mighty useful health-monitor and workout log.  It’s immersible to a depth of three feet for half an hour (150 feet on the newest model), so showering with it is no big deal.
Last time I checked, Best Buy was still selling the first generation of Apple Watch (the one that I use, and love) for as low as $189.  The Target Express at 3030 Grape St, San Diego, CA 92102 (the corner of Fern and Grape) is usually a good source for the excess inventory of the older Apple Watch model.
Dennis and I are going to be traveling in Europe, and this feature even works in any country, automatically!
I even went into the Health app on my iPhone and entered my emergency information, that will be sent to 911:
– I am diabetic, and penicillin will send me into toxic shock
– I am willing to be an organ donor, and
– My husband’s contact-info.
I’m in pretty good shape, but both of my parents died at this same age.  You can’t be too careful!

UPDATE your Apple devices, RIGHT NOW!

This is true for Macintoshes…as well as iPhones and iPads:
In short, an Israeli security-hacking company has created a three-part way to hack into Apple devices, but has been selling it to despotic governments who want to spy upon dissidents and journalists, and to take over every part of their devices.  Once it is in the larger environment, bad people can use it to go after YOU.
So, the answer is to UPDATE your Apple-brand computing equipment, and right away.  All of it:
– On the Mac, pull down the Apple menu, go to Software Update, and perform every update.  If you are not running El Capitan yet, it’s time.
– On your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update.
The updates are free, and will improve your life.

From Paula:
I have OS X (.7.5), which I know is old in computer years, and Software Update tells me it’s up to date, i.e. no updates.

From Tony:
The only difference between 10.7 and 10.11 is that there are more bug fixes, and better security. If your Mac is happy with 10.7, it will be quite happy with El Capitan.
In YOUR case, go to the Finder.
Pull down the “Go” menu at the top of the screen.
Choose “Applications”.
Open “App Store”.
Download and install the free El Capitan update.