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FINALLY – an entirely new, EASY way to get those old photos scanned!

I am very excited. This is a free, totally-useful and fast way to get all of those old photos digitized.  I HAVE a scanner, but I don’t use it.   I have access to other people’s really big, powerful scanners. And yet, decades after having the means, I STILL have three big boxes of miscellaneous old photos that have never been scanned, lurking under my stairs.

Now, there is PhotoScan, a free app from Google that just WORKS with iPhones and Android phones:

I just scanned fifteen old images perfectly, clearly and QUICKLY. No thinking at all – I can listen to an audiobook as I crank through a big pile of images.

I prop up an image in a daylit area so that there is no glare. I make sure that the phone’s flash is turned OFF, to avoid glare. I frame the image on my phone’s screen, and click the button. Four dots appear on the image corners. I move the phone to overlap each corner, and after the fourth dot is touched. it’s done. Next!

This is enormously better than using the slow scanner. In my brief time trying it out, I have achieved what I consider to be perfect results, without any effort at all.img_9098Was it really 42 years ago, when I looked like that?

In my opinion, the final results show up exactly as they appeared in the original photo, with no extra work to be done. Now, I want to schedule some scanning time every morning.

Emergency Alert from your Apple Watch

Disclaimer: I do NOT sell Apple Watches, or any other hardware, or software.  I own no Apple stock.  I just post tips like this periodically, because I love my clients, and they love ME!


If you have an older Mom or Dad who also owns an iPhone, waiting for Black Friday (November 25, 2016) and buying him or her a discounted Apple Watch might be the nicest thing that you could do for them.

Here is why:

On my Apple Watch, if I hold down the side button for three seconds, it starts a ten-second countdown that would allow me to cancel.  If I choose to let it continue, it contacts emergency services (wherever I am, anywhere on earth) with my exact location, identity, plus the fact that I am diabetic, and violently allergic to penicillin.  It also sends a copy of that same information to up to three of my loved ones.  This service costs nothing, once you have an iPhone and an Apple Watch.

If this sounds like Life Alert (“I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”), then I agree.  The difference is, the Apple Watch is much more useful than some inert button-thing that you may or may not remember to strap on, after a while.  It watches over your heart-rate, it encourages you to exercise, and it keeps flawlessly accurate time.  I use mine for the timer and reminder functions.  It’s VERY water-resistant, so showering or swimming with it is no big deal.

Even better, it’s GREAT if you are going deaf.  My husband Dennis is gradually losing his hearing, like his older brother and father did (me, too, frankly).  It drove me crazy to call him, and always go to message.  He couldn’t hear the ringer. Now, 100% of the times that I call him and he is available, he gets a tap on the wrist to catch his attention, and he answers.  He can also phone-chat with me through the watch (shades of Dick Tracy!).  I can leave my iPhone in the front of the house, and be back in the garden 100 feet away, and still carry on a conversation through my watch.

I DO suggest increasing the font-size on the Apple Watch, because the text is pretty damn small to start with.

The $269 (before Black Friday discount) Apple Watch also pays for itself pretty fast, compared to Life Alert.  The monthly cost of the basic Life Alert-style system is $29.95.  Besides this monthly cost, users also need to pay for a price of $95 to $115 for Life Alert installation to get started.

Here is how to set up an Apple Watch and iPhone with medical-alert info.