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How to turn off Facebook’s “So-and-So is live now” Alerts

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m old, but I believe that I have enough of a life that I don’t care about somebody on Facebook having live video waiting for me.

In my case, I have an Apple Watch, and the pesky buzzing from my wrist tell me “Joe Shlemiel is live now” has become annoying.  I have LOTS of folks on Facebook who know me, and I see the trend increasing.

So, I did some Googling, and found this:

How to Turn Off Facebook’s Pesky Live Video Notifications

Crap. Yet another, NEW way for Macs to be harmed. Free and Easy Fix.

This is new – I just found about it today:


Imagine having endless new emails being generated, wildly out of control, with a message saying :”Call this number to end the problem”.  That’s basically the newest hassle.

It’s REALLY important that Mac users upgrade to the newest version of the operating system that their Mac can handle. Apple’s on the job, issuing fixes, but we have to do our part, too.

Here’s how:

Chances are good that your Mac can handle the newest operating system. Click here to see if your Mac complains when you try to install it. SOME Macs are too old:

If it refuses to instal due to your Mac’s age, then you should be updating to the newest operating system that you can – Call 1-800-MY-APPLE and ask them how to get the newest security updates.

Why do I suggest calling Apple?  Because they removed the older stuff that would benefit aging Macs, so THEY should deal with the folks they have abandoned!