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The Scams Continue…

Apple iCloud Scam
Beware Apple people! We received 3 calls today from 858-795-6870 that caller ID identified as Apple Inc. First two were on our voice mail and just after listening they called again. I answered and it is a recorded message stating there is a security breach with the Apple iCloud and urges you to use your Apple device to call 844-871-7945 or to press 1 if you want to speak with a support advisor now, or 2 if you want to hang up. I pressed 1 and a male voice speaking with a foreign accent answered. I said “you are not with Apple, you are fake and a scam”. I’m not sure at what point he hung up.

Googling 844-871-7945 shows a whole store full of scam ideas that use that number.

From Tony:

It’s not just that number, as I’m sure everybody already knows. Most of my Mac clients have been getting hammered by such tricks. The CURRENT, NEWEST scam is the “Six Numbers” deception:

My phone number starts with “619-804-….” If you get a call from a number with your OWN six personal digits, it is very likely to be a scam. Bad people are now having their Caller ID numbers camouflaged to match your own number.

For folks with iPhones, I still stand by my advice for you to go the App Store on your iPhone, click on “Search” at the bottom, and get the free app called “Hiya”. It has spared me at LEAST a hundred such crappy calls since I installed it.

Also: If a stranger calls, and they sound East Indian, HANG UP. My consulting clients are getting swamped by such scammers. They are like whales… They need lots of small fry to succeed. They may only rip you off for between $200 and $700, but that’s still a big deal for most of us. Then, they sell your contact-info to other scammers, and then even more of them, eager to hound you even more. So, do NOT cooperate, or engage with them at all. Since they are outside the USA, the “DO NOT CALL” list is no protection.

Here is why they exist:

Ever since OS X came out, Apple has been diligently adding more and more security to all Apple devices.  THEN, the FBI tried to arm-twist Apple into building-in a “secret” back door, that I predict would immediately become public as soon as possible, and we would all be screwed.

Remember the “Patriot Act”?  It’s still in force.  That means, if a corporation agrees to cooperate with a government agency, it is a FELONY for them to talk about it.  That is why Tim Cook and others from Apple are loudly broadcasting “We are NOT COOPERATING!”  If they ever go silent, that’s when it is truly time to panic.

So, in the two or so years since the big fight between Apple and the FBI, there have been two (soon to be three) major updates to all of Apple’s operating systems.  Each one has been a big, screw-you to the FBI, adding much more draconian security features.  We are now at the point where a high-end Apple Tech (like me), has to struggle to fix problems that are very hard to access and trouble-shoot now.

Security on Apple devices has continued to escalate.  iPhone theft in New York City has dropped 99% in the last two years, due to Apple locking everything down, making a stolen device useless.  This means that the weak link in the security chain is YOU.  That is why the scammers are hitting on you… they can’t break in, any other way.