Monthly Archives: May 2018

NEW Scam

One of my clients called me to complain that he had gotten an email “from Apple” that told him that his Apple ID is being used by somebody in another city. He called me to talk about it, and I walked him through several steps:

Did the email use his actual name, anywhere in it? No. A REAL email from Apple uses your actual name, clear as can be.

Did he see the same message on his iPhone? No. The iPhone is your primary security device. It’s a beast of security. Any crook can send you fake-o email alerts, but ONLY Apple can pop up security messages, right spang in the middle of your iPhone’s screen.

If you get a suspicious email from ANYBODY making a claim of authority, and you are using the Mail app on your Mac, click on the little “v”-shaped character next to the name of the sender. It reveals the TRUE sender’s address. If there’s no “” in there, they are attempting to fool you.


Here’s some security wisdom:

The FBI, NSA and CIA have standardized upon Macs for all of their computers. Why? Because they can’s be hacked into over the Internet, or WiFi. You can take a Mac laptop into a Starbucks, sign onto their free, public WiFi, and your Mac is invisible to bad people. Even if they CAN make guesses and locate your Mac out of 256 possible local addresses, they get exactly THREE tries to guess your name and password. On the fourth try, they are blocked forever from trying again.

So, since bad people can’t hack their way in, they can only FOOL YOU into giving away your secret information, and, best of all, give them money that they don’t deserve.

My client-list is crammed full of sweet, neighborly and kind-hearted people. Scammers see you as chumps and rubes. Don’t be fooled!