Monthly Archives: June 2020

Tony is Now 100 Percent Retired!

I have some chronic health challenges that make me unable to work. After taking care of everybody else for forty years, I need to take care of me, now. My sweet husband of thirty years is my champion and my strong right arm. Thank you, Dennis!

For Apple consulting, I am currently recommending Cesar Alexander at (619) 634-0096. I am very happy with how he has been taking care of my clients so far. He shares my work ethic, my kindness and my pleasure in helping people.


Thank you for so many years of what turned out to be a perfect career. When I got out of the Navy and looked for employment in the traditional job market. I did VERY poorly, being laid-off seven times in eight months!

Thankfully, a friend helped me to see that 1) my enthusiasm and desire to fix every problem immediately was an ASSET, even if it intimidated all of those former managers, and 2) that I was meant to be an entrepreneur.

Best of all, he also 3) helped me to see that I needed to learn about computers. This next part is deeply true:

The first time that I sat down to a computer, it was like Mozart discovering the piano. It immediately felt right, and it was as easy as breathing. It never got harder, and I remain 99.99% self-taught. I never needed thick manuals or classes, ever.

At this end of my career, I have zero regrets. I never once cheated, mistreated or harmed a single client. I always did the maximum for every client, even if they were poor and couldn’t pay me what I charged others. I was functionally incapable of doing any less, and that is how I preferred to be.

To me, that was the best part of my career: I could treat people according to MY moral standards, in which the Golden Rule has always been first, last and foremost.

I did a good job, and I can close the book with a happy heart. Whatever happens after this, I know that I earned all of the love and respect that came to me, day after day, decade after decade.

I wish all of us long life and excellent good health!