The Perfect Apple Watch Night Stand, And I Built It!

I MADE the best-possible charging stand for my Apple Watch, since nobody seemed to get it exactly right for my needs:

First, I bought the small, inexpensive ($10.99) Spigen S350 Watch Stand.  It provides a VERY nice Night Stand Mode, AND it works with my extra-heavy, non-Apple-brand 316L stainless-steel watch bands… Unlike the vast majority of the poorly-designed watch stands listed here, and elsewhere.

My only complaint at that point?  It’s too light, and I refuse to use adhesive to stick it to the night stand next to my bed. So…

Next, I went onto eBay and searched for
I found a zillion of them, and ordered one that appealed to me.  As soon as it arrived, I pried the cheap metal insignia off of the top, and glued the Spigen stand onto it.  PERFECTION.
No, it’s not as graceful as other designs, but it works best of all, in my opinion.

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