A trustworthy way to get rid of Mac Crapware

After nearly four decades of consulting, I’m pretty jaded about programs that claim to do good things, and turn out to be lying. MacKeeper, CleanMyMac, and so forth.  Those are nasty “nagware” that exists to vacuum money out of your pockets.  They are VERY difficult to remove.

I’m glad to say that there is a better choice, and it costs you nothing unless you CHOOSE to keep using it.  I don’t, usually.

Malwarebytes for the Mac is being aggressively recommended by Apple during support calls. That’s the only reason why I even bothered to look at it. I’ve been fooled before.

Here is how I use it when I am working on untangling a Mac:

I download the free demo version of Malwarebytes:


Then, I install it. When asked if I want to “Try Premium”, I say “No thanks, I just want to scan”. Then, I click “Scan Now.”

Nearly 100 percent of the time it FINDS real, authentically bad stuff that has snuck by the Mac owner’s notice. This malware exists because of those damn “Click here to upgrade your Flash Player” web-pages. Somebody downloads and installs Flash Player, along with a bunch of nasty programs that hijack the web-browser, block emails and slow everything down.

After scanning and deleting the bad programs, pull down Malwarebytes’ Help menu, and choose “Uninstall Malwarebytes”.

It leaves NOTHING of itself behind, which I find to be laudable. It’s the only one of the “Download ME and I will fix everything!” apps that I know of, that actually does.

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