Any Quickbooks Jocks to Recommend?

>> Thought I would take a stab and ask if you possibly know of anyone that is a quickbooks specialist, mostly needing to clean up the program and build
>>>> a proper invoice in it and so on.

From: Linda Wood

I know someone who would be perfect. His name is Jack Rex (my bookkeeper). Knows QB really well and is happy to come to your location. However, he’s really busy at this time of year (tax season), so I don’t know if he’d have time to help Teresa right now…but here’s his contact info anyway. Tell him I referred her…

Jack Rex, EA
866-857-8906 fax
619-849-9436 mobile
FromL Lou Caspary
Kathy  858-566-1501

I have used her in the past, she is OK.

From: David Winkelman
You might try this guy:  Mr. James Cliame, at Net Results.

I don’t know him personally, but he’s in the SD Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Alliance Group which I’m looking at joining.
If Teresa does make contact  with him, please ask her to mention my name. He won’t know me at this point, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate the referral.

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