Blocking spam phone calls on an iPhone, for free.

After about a month of daily use, I can recommend “Hiya” for the iPhone. It’s a free app that helps me avoid junky, spammy telemarketers. It is simple, easy to set up, with no annoying ads, and it is free.

After following the setup process, here is how it works:

My iPhone is set up to say “Unknown Caller”, out loud, if they aren’t in my Contacts list. To make this happen on YOUR iPhone, go to Settings -> Phone – Announce Calls.

The phone rings. I hear “Unknown Caller”. I glance at the iPhone’s screen, and right below the incoming number, it says “Telemarketer” or “Scam or Fraud”. If given my wish, it would also emit a loud “AAHH OOOH GAAH!” sound. So, I hit the power button on the side of my iPhone to stop the ringing.  YOUR power button may be on the top right corner.

In any case, I’ve missed a good thirty such calls so far, and I am content.

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