Current State of the Art of Internet Access

I would like to point out the differences between what people are talking about, comparing three levels of local Internet-access services:

1 – AT&T “Wireless”, which is crap. Maximum speed of around 35Mbps, because it uses Plain Old Telephone Wires. Can’t ever get any faster,. and you’re paying for Internet speed that you are not getting. I’ve seen folks who are paying AT&T for “Premium” Internet speed in remote parts of the county, and they are getting a maximum of THREE Mbps.

2 – Cox cable (or Spectrum, depending upon your location). Better. If they promise you a certain speed, that is the maximum speed possible, but that is RARE. Since you are sharing bandwidth with all of your neighbors, the speed will fluctuate constantly, up, down and all around, such as when your neighbors come home from work. Cable has been the Gold Standard for decades.

3 – AT&T FIBER. This is new, and superb (I don’t work for them). There is one fiber going from the AT&T station, directly to your home. No sharing of bandwidth. I started out paying $70 per month for “300 Mbps”, but have had a consistent speed of 380, usually. I just ran a WiFi speed test on my iPhone, and it was 336. A nice bonus.

The problem was, we stream a lot of 4K Amazon Prime, Netflix and the like, and I kept running into the 1terabyte limit each month, so I am now upgraded and spending 90 bucks each month for unlimited data,

Years ago, AT&T started laying-down fiber-optics in the wealthier neighborhoods, and then started spreading out to middle-class neighborhoods. HOWEVER, they made it plain that they were protesting the possibility of Net Neutrality, which would inhibit them from screwing folks as they saw fit. So, they stopped adding fiber customers. ¬†They ARE a big corporation, and I still don’t approve of their tactics.

When Net Neutrality was defeated, suddenly, there were AT&T salescreatures knocking on doors, to offer their services. I was wary. I did my research. Then, after dealing with Cox one too many times, I decided to switch. That was eight months ago. I am delighted.

My 101-year-old home has chicken wire in the walls, so I placed my AT&T router and two AT&T mesh extenders under my house (since there is no chicken-wire in the FLOORS). Perfect signal, perfect speed, no complaints.

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