Don’t Upgrade to Mac OS Catalina, Quite Yet

Like you, I am getting hammered with Apple’s invitations to upgrade to the newest operating system on my Mac. ¬†However, I know that a lot of my old programs will stop working if I do so.

So, here is a link to a free app that will TELL me which software I will need to upgrade, or abandon:

As I am reading it, Catalina is Apple’s way of blocking the endless amounts of crapware, malware and adware that are inflicting themselves upon my clients. ¬†I am all for that, but let’s be cautious about the update for now.

Maybe a few months from now, the bugs will all be fixed, the software that we use will FINALLY be certified safe (nearly ALL Adobe products are NOT), and upgrades will be blissfully pleasant.

Until then, I am in no rush.

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