FINALLY – an entirely new, EASY way to get those old photos scanned!

I am very excited. This is a free, totally-useful and fast way to get all of those old photos digitized.  I HAVE a scanner, but I don’t use it.   I have access to other people’s really big, powerful scanners. And yet, decades after having the means, I STILL have three big boxes of miscellaneous old photos that have never been scanned, lurking under my stairs.

Now, there is PhotoScan, a free app from Google that just WORKS with iPhones and Android phones:

I just scanned fifteen old images perfectly, clearly and QUICKLY. No thinking at all – I can listen to an audiobook as I crank through a big pile of images.

I prop up an image in a daylit area so that there is no glare. I make sure that the phone’s flash is turned OFF, to avoid glare. I frame the image on my phone’s screen, and click the button. Four dots appear on the image corners. I move the phone to overlap each corner, and after the fourth dot is touched. it’s done. Next!

This is enormously better than using the slow scanner. In my brief time trying it out, I have achieved what I consider to be perfect results, without any effort at all.img_9098Was it really 42 years ago, when I looked like that?

In my opinion, the final results show up exactly as they appeared in the original photo, with no extra work to be done. Now, I want to schedule some scanning time every morning.

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