iMac 27″ Memory Upgrades

Hope all is well with you and that Santa will be giving you cool stuff this year!
You probably know about this deal, but just in case:

I’m wondering how many poor saps will buy the standard Core i5 iMac model, never knowing that the extra $200 for the Core i7 processor upgrade will more-or-less double their speed on newer programs? If I was buying a new iMac right now, I’d go to and order the 27″ with the i7 processor upgrade with the minimum 8GB of RAM.  If I was feeling pretty frisky, I’d upgrade to a 3tb Fusion Drive. They go as fast as stink (that’s pretty fast). Then, I’d upgrade the graphics card so that it has more RAM for $150. Total cost before tax is $2749, which is a lot less than the same amount of power even a year ago.
Then, I’d get the 32gb RAM kit mentioned in your link above. The extra $295 mentioned in your link (from my favorite chip vendor) is an insanely good deal (saving $305), particularly for folks who need the Mac to do Photoshop or video-editing work. C-H-E-A-P compared to Apple’s price.
Notice how they say “the 27″ model”?  That is because it’s absurdly difficult to upgrade the RAM on the new 21″ iMac model.  Only a determined tech can do it.

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