Intermittent, Flaky Internet, Fixed AGAIN

From Frank:
I don’t want Cox anymore, Fed up!
Does anyone know of a better internet service provider than COX. My connection sucks and it’s 80$ a month. Can anyone recommend a better provider?

From Tony:
The problem is NOT with Cox Cable. You have a middle-aged cable modem. The Internet itself is changing. Your modem cannot keep up, and it crashes.
I fix this problem every working day, professionally:
Go to, and purchase an Arris SB6190 modem for $112. It is the most modern, high-speed cable modem that I know of, anywhere. I own one, myself. I had the exact same problem, before I got one.
When it arrives, call Cox technical support at (619) 262-1122 and let them know that you have a new cable modem. Make sure that they know that it has been purchased by you, from Amazon. That will save confusion.
When they ask you to read them the numbers off of the box, have the tech repeat them back to you. This will save you possible frustration.
Once they have certified the new cable modem, you will never have intermittent issues, ever again. I stand by that, 100%. Quit suffering, and have really, really good, FAST Internet from now on.
Cancel your home phone line (it has no useful function in case of disaster and loss of power, despite the lies you will be told), and trim the channels that you are paying for.  Make your Internet bill as trim as possible, with highest speed as your highest priority.
If you are currently RENTING your current cable modem, do not get off the phone before they tell you where to deliver the cable modem. They will keep charging you for it, until you bring it back to them.
Oh, and by the way…
There is no good reason on this earth to ever, EVER go with AT&T. It is a pure rip-off. My clients who are using a new cable modem with Cox cable have internet speeds that average between 60 and 189, in the local area.
On AT&T?
Between 3(!) and 30. They will never go any faster, using the current technology. The farther you are from their local station, the slower your Internet will remain. If you are paying for that kind of low speed, you are being screwed.
Oh, and I will believe AT&T’s baloney about “gigablast fiber technology” when I see it. When Net Neutrality became law, AT&T swore that they were never going to finish their fiber project, just to show the rest of us who was boss.
When someone comes to your doorstep and tries to sell you the Miracle of FIBER!!!, ask them how fast it actually is, once it is installed. If it tops out at 30, you’re still looking at plain old phone wires coming into the house, yet again. The fiber stays out on the street, where it doesn’t bring YOU any advantage.

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