Lovely. A New “Assistant Apple Consultant” Local Scam.

I am seeing a client today. I haven’t helped her for years. She called me the other day with a complaint: my assistant had done a terrible job setting up her new network a few months back. I was amazed to hear this, since, in 39 years of being an independent computer consultant, I have never HAD an assistant of any kind.

After thinking about it, I realized how clever this guy was, representing himself as being attached to me, since I am a well-regarded, well-known Apple Certified Consultant. I have 187 five-star ratings on Apple’s site, and I have been recommended in 90 percent of the NextDoor neighborhoods in San Diego County.

I earned every bit of that reputation and good will, and now somebody is scamming folks, using my hard-earned esteem like a parasite.

So, if the person involved doesn’t look like a really tall, old and heavyset guy with a gray beard, it’s not me, and it’s definitely NOT my “assistant.”

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