My Favorite Instructional Manuals

These are the current crop of easy-to-read manuals that seem to be helping beginners the most, in my experience:
Apple Pay – For folks who want to understand and use the new, highly-secure way to pay for things using an iPhone or Apple Watch (and, it’s safer than the new credit cards!)

chronometer-faces-01The Apple Watch doesn’t arrive with a manual in the box – These fill the gap very nicely:

I guarantee that there will be SOMETHING new and useful for you here:
Siri For Dummies – I STRONGLY suggest this one – Siri is only going to make your life simpler and less stressful.

The Mac SHOULD have come with a manual, and red warning-stickers (“BACK UP with a hard drive!”  “Run DiskWarrior periodically!”  “Don’t leave your laptop permanently connected to power, or it will kill your battery!”) all over it.  These books will help you to become more of a Mac Jock.

It’s astonishing how powerful Photoshop can be, but learning it can be daunting.  This is written in a breezy fashion:

Learn all of there available commands!

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