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Bob wrote:

You have helped me with my Macs some time ago and, at that time, you had suggested I get a new printer. Just as background, I have a black & white laser printer now. I got the laser printer because I had constant trouble with the ink cartridges drying up on my inkjet especially when I was out of town for a week or so. I was so frustrated that I got the laser. Well, I am now in the market for a new printer and I want wireless and color. My family members have inkjet printers and say that they never dry up so maybe the technology has improved over the last 5 years or so.
So if you would be so kind, I would like your opinion/advice on inkjet vs. laser and what brand/type of printer I should get. I would truly appreciate whatever you could tell me.

I RARELY ever print. My own printer gets used maybe once a month, and we have never had a single drying-out issue.

I suggest walking into your local Costco, and buying the HP OfficeJet Pro 8625.


I also suggest buying spare HP 950 and 951 inkjet cartridges while you are there. You will find that the cost per page is much less than a laser printer, with nice, big ink-cartridges.

I have recommended that same printer (and its predecessor) hundreds of times (always with great results), and bought one myself. I consider it to be the perfect printer.

It’s ridiculously easy to set up, with a built-In animated video guide as you progress with the setup.

It prints flawlessly from your iPad and iPhone, without any special software or extra steps.

It’s a safe bet!

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