Re: Apple iPhoto Question for you

In my desktop iPhoto, I’ve given all my picture files a key photo… but when I sync my devices, the key photo’s don’t show up on my iPad2 or my iPhone 4S.  Do you know of a correction for this?

Here’s the proper method:
– In iPhoto, Create new ALBUM (NOT a “Smart Album”), and call it “something like “Favorites” or “Zoo Pictures”.
– Drag pictures into that new Album.
– Connect your iPhone via cable.
– Open iTunes, and wait for your iPhone to finish syncing.
– Click on the iPhone inside iTunes, and then look at the row of categories long the top of the window, such as “Music”, Movies” etc.
– Click on “Pictures”.
– Choose “Sync Photos”, and then instead of “All”, choose “Selected”
– Put a checkmark next to the albums that you want fed into your iPhone, and then choose “Apply” on the lower right.
That’s it!

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