Re: Printer recommendations

Do you have any recommendations on printers. I’m looking for a color all in one, I see the Brothers at Costco,I’m wondering about ink cost and if Brothers are economical compared to HP or Cannon. Any suggestions? Do you have any previous articles that compare printers?


You want to march right down to Costco in Mission Valley and buy the HP OfficeJet 8600 Premium. SO superb. I bought one for myself, and everybody I know is buying them and being thrilled. Some clients are buying four at a time. You want to avoid anything cheaper, because they are designed to bite you on cost per page.  You will be getting what you pay for, so don’t cheap out.
The 8600 features inexpensive ink, high quality, durable design, all functions work great on a Mac, and it will print wirelessly from any iPad or iPhone.
While you are buying it, get these, too, so you have spares.  They last a LONG time.

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