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I saw your discussion thread on Nextdoor Kensington regarding your expertise with Apple products.  I was wondering if you sell or know another trusted source who sells used Apple laptops.  My son is 17 and heading into his senior year of high school and then college.  I would like to purchase an Apple Macbook Pro for him that we can integrate with our wireless network at home.  I’m looking at a possibly buying a used product since the new ones as so expensive.  Any suggestions you might have would be appreciated.  Thanks, Marty.

I have a favor to ask – Would you post the exact same question on NextDoor, so that I can post this answer for the general public to enjoy?  Thanks!
The first question that I would ask is, what’s your budget?  I’m assuming that you’re not made out of money.
Your son is a student, so he qualifies for a Student Discount on a new Mac. This is usually only about $100, but hey – It’s a start.
I can’t recommend eBay or (shudder) Craigslist.  You never know what kind of scam is going on.  Folks sell crapped-out elderly (or stolen) Mac laptops for ridiculous prices.  I’m a trusting soul by nature, and the scammers see me coming from miles away. Nothing worse than buying a used laptop, and then having the cops arrive and take it away. You’ve got no money, and no laptop. This happens.
I tend to point people toward Apple’s refurbished laptops  These are GOOD computers. Apple doesn’t allow them out the door unless they are in superb, as-new condition:
Powermax is well-regarded, and has a 90-day return policy: tracks multiple sources for refurbished Macs:
The major online sellers of Macs usually will respond well to a phone call asking “What is your best deal on a refurbished Mac laptop”?  There ARE no bad Mac laptops purchased this way.
I tend to wake up at 1AM and ask MacConnection at 1-800-986-4420 about their best deals. Why so early?  Because every night at midnight, they get their newest shipment of refurbished Macs.  This MIGHT have changed, so ask the person on the phone what is the best time to get in ahead of the East Coast shoppers, who get up THREE HOURS before we do.

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