Really Good News About Nasty Pop-Up Ads and Scareware

This is a great bit of new information for Mac users who might suddenly see a pop-up message (or a LOT of them) while browsing the Web.  The Mac operating system is really, really secure, but… horrid people (most of them living in India, it appears) have found ways to insert nasty bits of unwanted programs that have been difficult to get rid of. Maybe you downloaded a “free” bit of software, or fonts, and extra programs sneaked in as well.


This “adware” or “shareware” wants to frighten or annoy you into spending money to MAKE-IT-GO-AWAY.  Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a penny.  Just update your Mac’s operating system to the newest version.  Every time you restart your Mac after that, the operating system scrubs out any possible newly-installed bits of unwanted crapware, leaving your Mac sparkling clean!

In case you are not clear on the concept, here is how you get the NEWEST operating system:

Pull down your Apple menu, and choose “Software Update”, if it shows up.  If you only see “App Store”, then choose that, and then click on “Updates” at the top.  You should be able to find “El Capitan” pretty easily.  Go get it, for free, and install it.

If it runs slowly after that, follow the instructions in my article that tells you how to speed up your Mac for free.

If you are unsure about a message that you see via email or the Web, and you want an expert, highly-biased opinion, take a picture of the message with your phone, and text it to me at 619-804-4627, and say “what do you think?”.  I see this kind of stuff every day, and I don’t charge for the advice.  Why?  Because I need to keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening from day to day, and I never object to dispensing advice!

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