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Larry Michel, Shinetop Productions

How do you say lifesaver in computer speak? “Tony Lindsey”.

I have known Tony for over a decade and from the first time he saved me from a near disaster I have never looked elsewhere for solutions. He always has them and in the rare instance he doesn’t he finds them. The result is, while the world has come crashing down around friends and colleagues, I am still up and running. And when I attempt to make an old dog do new tricks, he is up to date, straight forward and accurate when he informs me of my limitations and suggests solutions. I don’t always like what I hear, but he has never been wrong and that speaks volumes.

Sue Munz, Davenport Creative

Tony Lindsey has been our office’s computer guru for 10 years or more. His knowledge of Macintosh computers far exceeds others in the field, so we feel comfortable putting our computers in his care. Tony has always been so responsive when we call for assistance, and quite often talks us through solutions on the phone (at no charge), which gets us up and running quickly. Everyone in our office also has used Tony for their in-home computer setups and repairs.

Joyce McHugh, Program Specialist, University of California, San Diego

All roads lead to Tony!! I found this out around 1990, after persuading my Encinitas author boss to switch from PC to Mac. When either hardware or software issues arose, my calls around town inevitably led to Tony! Aside from being a fun person to know, Tony knows Macs! And he keeps us “in the know” by sharing the latest via his email newletter. Owning a Mac = $. Knowing Tony = priceless!

Susie Bright, Graphic Designer, Bright Design

I have used Tony’s expert advice for over 10 years. No matter what the problem seems to be (and I’ve had a variety over the years!) he is always able to figure out what’s going on and get my computer working again. Several times he’s been able to walk me through the problem on the phone and I’ve actually been able to fix it myself. I have recommended Tony to several other graphic designers over the years, and would gladly recommend his consulting services. He knows Macs and is constantly keeping up-to-date with the ever changing industry – something most of us don’t have the time or desire to do!

David Winkelman

Tony is just “the best” . . . the all-around with no run-around. . . “the buck-stops-here” Man.

He comes prepared with all the tools, the ones you didn’t even know existed, and in the process raises your bar to new levels of performance.

He’s not satisfied unless he’s done considerably more for you than you wanted done, leaving you feeling that next time you’ll be a better client.

Laurie Nehrer, Streamline Staff

The insights from the Tips From Tony digest have helped our company tremendously. We were able to migrate from OS 9 to Tiger seamlessly, thanks to article links provided by Tony. In addition, information regarding network administration have enabled us to keep the system humming!

Judy Manson

Like so many people these days, if my computer is not working, I am not able to carry on my business. On several occasions Tony has answered the call and gotten me up and running in no time. With small problems he’s been there by phone or email to help me solve them. When I purchased a new computer he was kind enough to load my programs and install it for me.
Thank you for being there Tony.

Ron Mires, Mires + Ball

It’s always great to have a man “with all the answers” you can turn to when you don’t know how to do something on your computer or it needs fixing. Tony is “the man” and he is like the firemen…always there to help you out. Thanks Tony!

Charlene Baldridge

Tony was a gift to me from a friend at a time when I, as a freelance writer, really needed someone knowledgeable and reliable. Tony’s seen me through a series of Macs, each more wonderful than the previous one. He’s transferred my all my data each time, given advice, and been patient with my non-technical mind (I’m an arts writer and poet, what can I say?). Thanks to Tony I’ve got a tremendous archive — 11 years’ worth of articles and research, a book, and hundreds of interviews. The latest addition is my own website, which he taught me how to update and maintain. I’m still not a techie, but he makes me look like one! Without him I’m toast.

Laurel Dimock, The Brain Store

Tony is fabulous!! If you have a need for top notch computer help – he’s your guy! He helped our publishing company set up two computers for our graphics/marketing team members so that they ran smoothly with fonts, the server, maintenance, etc. If you’ve ever had to switch softwares and OS platforms, you know how tricky it can be to get them all to “talk” and “play nice”. He’s fast, reliable and good.

Marc Hawkins, Art Director, viadesign

For over 7 years Tony has been our one-stop source for any and all computer issues that we cannot resolve internally.
Whether it’s a hardware failure, software problems, or networking snafus – Tony is our computer “guardian angel” and we consider him a valuable asset to our business.

Carol Kerr, Carol Kerr Graphic Design

Having Tony configure our computers his way, enables us to get on-the-phone-help he can talk us through, so we are up and running quickly without having to WAIT for a service call. The only thing missing is that big ol’ hug.

Vik Cowan

You know how it is such a relief and joy when you find a great dentist, mechanic, tax preparer? When you need something fixed which would be impossible and scary for you to figure out by yourself, and you find someone you totally trust to help? That’s how we felt when we found Tony to help us with our ailing Mac. He has helped us several times over the years, both in doctoring our 6 year old iMac and helping us transition from one ISP to another. Plus, he quickly answers occasional “nuts and bolts” calls over the phone or online. And we know when this Mac finally dies, Tony will advise us on the best replacement. Tony’s list of Wonderful Attributes include: quantum knowledge, enthusiasm, humor, affordability, honesty, and cute dogs to pet when you bring your Mac to his house.

Angela Watson

Tony has saved my Mac-Bacon more than once! He is always there with a solution to my Mac problems and employs a sense of humor when dealing with the Mac-challenged among us. I’ve known Tony for over 6 years and he is truly my Mac Hero!