The Apple Watch is for Old Folks, Like Me.

No, this is NOT a sales-pitch. I don’t do that. I just like to share wisdom based upon four decades of computer support. It’s my nature.

As of this week, a VERY important new feature has been activated on all Apple Watches except for the very earliest (series “0”) models. If you update your Apple devices, your Apple Watch will monitor your heartbeat and warn you if it detects abnormalities such as afibrillations, and unusually high (or low) resting heart rates.

If you have the newest “Series 4” Apple Watch, then it adds the ability to perform a limited ECG. This is already saving people’s lives:

An even more practical benefit of getting the newest Apple Watch is its built-in ability to detect a slip, a trip or a fall. Real ones, not just flopping onto the couch.

If it detects you hitting the ground, it starts tapping you on the wrist, asking if you are OK. If you don’t respond within one minute, it calls 911 (anywhere on earth), and tells Emergency Services your exact geographic location within nine feet, along with all of the info in your iPhon’e Health app. It then sends the same distress message to three loved ones.

Remember the old “I’ve FALLEN, and I CAN’T GET UP!!” commercials? Those were advertising a service that cost a minimum of thirty bucks per month. If you own ANY Apple Watch, then you can hold down the biggest side button until the watch beeps. That calls 911. This is free of charge, and even works when you (and your iPhone) are visiting any country, anywhere. It will call the local equivalent of 9-1-1.

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