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The Tips From Tony e-mailed newsletter is my way of spreading good cheer and useful gossip about the Macintosh universe. It’s the exact opposite of SPAM – You can always trust what I send you – I will only share great, useful stuff, and you will be happy that it arrived in your e-mail.

In the early days of the Internet, my newsletter had a different name (“Mac*Chat”) and a LOT more subscribers. It was the ninth-largest newsletter on earth, with just under 100,000 readers in 71 countries, on every major land-mass except Antarctica. I had to stop issuing that version, because the e-mail load was killing me. I would get around 1,000 e-mails a week, saying something like ” Hello from Sumatra/Saudi Arabia/Mali! I love your newsletter! Do you mind if I ask you just one question?” My Catholic Guilt kept making me want to be courteous and respond to EVERY MESSAGE!

So, I renamed the newsletter (to “Tips From Tony”) and trimmed the subscription-list down to just the people who knew me personally through my business, here in San Diego County. I’m pleased to say that around 90% of my subscribers KEEP every e-mail message that I’ve ever sent them, setting them aside for later reference. The e-mail newsletter will let you know when there’s something new to find there, and you can come in, read all you want, and even leave comments.

Here is theĀ link to subscribe. I cannot answer questions for folks that I haven’t taken on as clients, though.